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Engineering Consulting Firm Grows Staff

A2V Partners adds another professional engineer.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.—January 04, 2012—A2V Partners LLC, a professional electrical engineering firm located in Springfield, MO, has hired Jeff D. Wooldridge, PE as Senior Professional Engineer. His work at A2V Partners LLC will concentrate on System Protection, Planning and Modeling for the firm’s electric utility clients.

“Jeff is an excellent addition to our team and I’m proud to be bringing him aboard,” said E. Matt Bedinghaus, P.E., CEO & Chief Engineer of A2V Partners LLC. “Our reputation is getting us more attention and that’s bringing more opportunity. Continuing to expand the A2V team to include such talented professionals will take A2V to the next level of professional engineering.”

Jeff is leaving the position of Manager of Protection and Planning at Empire District Electric, Joplin, MO, where he has worked for the last 10 years.

Contact Jeff at [email protected] for all your electrical engineering needs, especially related to SEL Relays and/ or ASPEN Studies.

About A2V Partners
A2V Partners LLC is an electrical engineering consultancy based in Springfield, Missouri. The company was founded by E. Matt Bedinghaus, an electrical engineer with more than 25 years of experience. The company offers consulting, system modeling and analysis, electric power design, T&D inspection, communication system design and CAD services. Named in honor of the partnership of great scientists from Ampere to Volta, and all those before and since, A2V takes the concept of partnership very seriously, partnering with clients through a unique design approach that efficiently develops options that best fit client needs.

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