Electric Power Design

A2V personnel are very experienced in power utility transmission & distribution substations and have designed, built and operated many outdoor and switchgear arrangements. We have the expertise a utility would need in most any electrical engineering related work. We have worked on low voltage commercial installations to medium voltage distribution, through high and extra high voltage transmission substations. We can do system planning for both distribution and transmission voltages. We’ve done a large amount of fuse coordination and recloser/relay settings development, as well as programming many of the common SEL and other relays. We have done many EM relay replacement upgrades to SEL, etc. on existing stations. We know how important it is to minimize outage/construction time.

Power Engineering Services

  • New substations (site selection, Architectural Fit, OH & UG T&D Line Mods) for new or growing load supply, including wind farm and solar installations
  • Major substation rebuilds (complete replacement of breakers, buswork, control house, relay panels, etc.) will reuse whatever has value
  • New transformer and circuit additions and modifications
  • Breaker replacement/upgrades
  • Complete relay system replacements/upgrades
  • Electro-mechanical relay replacement with SEL or other new relays (new or existing panels)
  • Relay System Design & Settings Development
  • T&D line moves and mods
  • New line design utilizing PLSCAD with our “select” partners as appropriate
  • Windfarm, solar, or other co-gen interconnection design.
  • All design is done by applicable state registered professional engineers (P.E.). A2V Partners, LLC has engineers on our staff that are registered PE’s in 16 of the 50 United States, and we are completing our corporate registration to practice engineering in those states as needed. Contact us to see if we are registered in your state.


A2V engineers are experts at all aspects of new substation design, including site selection, architectural fit, OH & UG T&D Line Mods. Whether you are dealing with new or growing load supply challenges, we can help with your project. Be sure to call on us for work involving new green energy implementations, including wind farm and solar installations.

Our company is also interested in helping our partners with major substation rebuilds, whether that involves complete replacement of breakers, buswork, control house, relay panels, or the works. Naturally, it makes sense to reuse whatever has value, but that can only be determined after an inspection.

Reliability Improvement

System reliability is easy to improve. No matter how you measure it: SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIDI, CAIFI, or MAIFI, the improvements are the same…call us. We can help you improve your situation.

T & D

When it comes to system reviews and inspections, utility companies have a range of options, some of which are preferable over others. Each company must work within the confines established by its own resources; however, every firm should strive to meet at least minimum inspection levels on a periodic basis. Read more…

Wind & Solar

There is significant momentum in the market in the direction of “clean” or renewable energy sources. Many lawmakers are imposing requirements on utility companies in their jurisdictions that will require them to move in this direction in the future.

A2V Partners is expert at designing new substations specifically to introduce wind farms and solar installations into an existing utility grid. Call on us as soon as you begin to consider these additions, and we’ll give you the benefit of our experience, saving you time and money.