• Another Successful Project Completed by A2V Partners LLC

    Our client had a new 138kV transmission line and autotransformer being added to an existing station arranged in a breaker & ½ scheme. They needed line relaying (SEL 311L/421 protection with 451 reclosing and breaker control) to replace an existing line panel. Another two panels were added with 311L/311L & 451 relays for redundant hot-standby 87L/DCB protection of the new 138kV line and autotransformer. All three of the new and existing panels were wired ... Read more »

  • Engineering Consulting Firm Grows Staff

    A2V Partners adds another professional engineer. SPRINGFIELD, Mo.—January 04, 2012—A2V Partners LLC, a professional electrical engineering firm located in Springfield, MO, has hired Jeff D. Wooldridge, PE as Senior Professional Engineer. His work at A2V Partners LLC will concentrate on System Protection, Planning and Modeling for the firm’s electric utility clients. “Jeff is an excellent addition to our team and I’m proud to be bringing him aboard,” said E. Matt Bedinghaus, P.E., ... Read more »

  • CommScope – Application Guide

    The following guide was developed to provide some insight on pole grounds using copper clad steel (CCS) cable instead of copper, which will reduce theft. Download Application Guide Read more »

  • Utility security a concern

    06 August, 2010 Hot topics

    Protecting the nationwide utility system from attack is critically important for national security. Without the power that runs our homes, businesses and systems, we would be quite vulnerable to an enemy. Today, some are asking questions about how vulnerable our electric grid. An article in today's Wall Street Journal suggests that security holes in the computer networks that utility ... Read more »