A2V Moves to New Office Space

A2V Partners LLC, a professional electrical engineering firm located in Springfield, Mo., has recently moved its operation to 1354 E. Kinglsey Street, Suite A. The new office space will allow the growing firm to add staff members to work on newly won projects.

“I’m very pleased to be growing this quickly,” said Matt Bedinghaus, A2V founder and Chief Engineer. “Our new operation has been well received in the marketplace, prompting me to made a number of additional hires. Our focus on high voltage electrical engineering has made us an attractive option for utility companies around the country as they expand their networks.”

The new facilities include a reception area, a conference room and room for a number of executives and engineers. The new offices are located on the south side of Springfield in the Kingsley Office Center.

A2V was named in honor of the “partnership” of André Marie Ampère, Alessandro Volta and all of the other pioneers in Electrical Engineering, before and since, that developed the math, science and technologies electrical engineers utilize today in their work. Bedinghaus earned his Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1984 and his MBA in Finance from Rockhurst College in Kansas City in 1990. He has served a number of utility and engineering firms, including EPS Engineering & Design, Toth & Associates, LCA Engineering, and St. Joseph Light & Power Company. A2V specializes in medium to high voltage power systems.

About A2V Partners
A2V Partners LLC is an electrical engineering consultancy based in Springfield, Missouri. The company was founded by E. Matt Bedinghaus, an electrical engineer with more than 25 years of experience. The company offers consulting, system modeling and analysis, electric power design, T&D inspection, communication system design and CADD services. Named in honor of the partnership of great scientists from Ampere to Volta, and all those before and since, A2V takes the concept of partnership very seriously, partnering with clients through a unique design approach that efficiently develops options that best fit client needs. Find out more on the company’s website by surfing to http://www.a2vpe.com.

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