A2V Foundation

A2V Partners, LLC is so named in honor of the “partnership” of André Marie Ampère, Alessandro Volta and all of the other pioneers in Electrical Engineering, before and since, that developed the math, science and technologies we utilize today at A2V Partners in the design of low, medium and high voltage power systems. We couldn’t do our work if not for the efforts of the many men and women whose knowledge, experiments, data collection, and subsequent recording of their findings, make today’s electrical engineering possible.

For that reason, we chose to give credit to their contributions by naming our company after them. Drawing from a list of early scientists and engineers whose names span the alphabet from Ampere to Volta (A to V), we acknowledge them as partners in the work we supply to you. By using their work from centuries past and combining it with the experience and education of our own engineering team, we can meet the needs of our 21st century clients.

The concept of partnership is important here. Whether it be the giants of science and industry that came before us, the professional staff here at A2V or the engineers, utility managers and municipal leaders we serve, we build this partnership concept into everything we do. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you on a future project.