Our Founder

Our Founder

E. Matt Bedinghaus, our founder, is an engineer with more than 25 years of experience. Read more »

A2V Partners Wanted

At A2V, we take the concept of partnership seriously. Consider becoming our partner. Read more »

A Consulting Approach

Good engineering starts with clear thinking and careful design. That is where we start. Read more »

A Complete Solution

If it deals with electrical utilities, we are happy to discuss any project with you. Call on us today. Read more »

Welcome to A2V Partners

A2V Partners, LLC is located in Springfield, Missouri. We provide a variety of engineering services involving electrical engineering and related design services. Most of our experience has been in medium to high voltage power systems, however, we have literally done projects from "dc to blue light"!

What We Do?

A2V Partners, LLC provides electrical engineering for your medium to high voltage projects.

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Our Mission

  • Protect the general health, safety and welfare of our clients and the public.
  • Continually work as “partners” with clients and employees.
  • Continually add value to our client facilities and operations.
  • Work toward “best” practices in all that we do.
  • Compensate our employee “partners” relative to their individual contribution and service to our clients, to their fellow employee “partners” and to our company.
  • Build our team of employee “partners” with the goal of passing our experience down through our clients, new engineers and designers who have not had the chance to be employed directly for a great utility.
  • Preserve and improve our communities.
  • Continue to honor our historical “partners” in electrical engineering.